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We weren't always called "Johnson's Cycle & Fitness", but we've been "Wauwatosa's bike shop" since 1939. Check out our timeline and a few historical photos.



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Some historical facts

Johnson's Sporting Goods founded by "Doc" Johnson. John's father, Pete, and his future partners worked here following WWII.

Johnson's is purchased by employees, including John's father, Pete.

Early 1970's
With the bike boom of the 1970's, Johnson's became one of the largest Schwinn dealers in the area. Bicycles began to take up much of the store's display space. With other sporting goods and hobby items being plentiful and in high demand, the gun shop was phased out.

Johnson's continued to increase focus on bicycles and fitness equipment. During this decade the "sporting goods" became a smaller department and the fishing department was closed. The transition to a true bicycle shop was almost complete. During this time, Johnson's became very actively involved in supporting USCF riders with its own team, and also helped numerous local triathletes maintain their equipment and supplies.

We moved to our current location in the fall, and Johnson's Sporting Goods became Johnson's Cycle & Fitness in recognition of bicycles and fitness equipment being its primary focus.

A few blasts from the past

Bike Shop | Wauwatosa | Johnson's Cycle & Fitness | 414-476-2341	John and Kris - August 1968

Notice the 1968 Schwinn Lemon Peeler. The Lemon Peeler was brand new in the Schwinn lineup of bikes that year. Cutting edge stuff!

Bike Shop | Wauwatosa | Johnson's Cycle & Fitness | 414-476-2341 Johnson's was a full service sporting goods store serving schools, individuals, hunters, fisherman, golfers, etc.
Bike Shop | Wauwatosa | Johnson's Cycle & Fitness | 414-476-2341 Display windows were meticulously laid out for promotion of products and contest purposes. This display was part of the annual Sport Show competition (year unknown).
Bike Shop | Wauwatosa | Johnson's Cycle & Fitness | 414-476-2341 Pete and partner, Ron, in the bike department of the original shop located between 72nd and Lefeber on North Avenue.
Bike Shop | Wauwatosa | Johnson's Cycle & Fitness | 414-476-2341 Note the wonderful awning with custom signage and split log fascia on the building. Very stylish for the times!

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